As a new patient you will receive a thorough psychiatric assessment that will allow me to better understand your reasons for seeking care and assist us in creating an appropriate plan for treatment. The initial assessment will include a review of current concerns as well as past experiences and family history. It may take several visits to complete the assessment/consultation phase and determine the most appropriate next steps.


In my experience, psychotherapy can be a powerful means to create lasting and meaningful change in your life. My approach to psychotherapy is psychodynamic meaning that I believe increasing an awareness of your underlying behavioral patterns, feelings, and interactions can lead to a more rewarding life and more satisfying relationships with others.

Psychotherapy sessions last 50 minutes and are usually scheduled weekly, although they may be more frequent. The duration of treatment depends on a number of factors including the level of interest and the complexity of your concerns. For those wanting to focus on a specific problem or stressor, a course of therapy may be relatively brief, from several weeks to a few months. For those wanting to work on longer-standing concerns it may take more time. During the initial visits and after, we can discuss your goals and my recommendations, which will allow us to determine together the most appropriate treatment.


For some, medications can be a useful tool to reduce distress and suffering.  I most often provide medication treatment only in combination with psychotherapy.  We can discuss the appropriateness of medications during your initial consultation/assessment visits and can also consider them later in treatment. Questions and concerns about medications are common and we will address them thoroughly.  Decisions about the use of medication will take into consideration current evidence about the benefits and risks of medication, along with your preferences and current difficulties.